solo first jump

So you want to jump and take the challenge of doing it on your own? Then the Solo First Jump Course is for you!

Skydive Toronto Inc.`s  Solo First Jump Course is the program where you can accomplish the skydive  all by yourself, whether it is your first jump, or a subsequent.

The course begins every Saturday (registration at 9 am) with a 3 to 5 hour training program completed in classroom.  Here, you will learn everything you need to know to successfully complete your skydive, including parachute equipment, exit procedures, freefall body position (arch), canopy control and emergency protocol.

Then, you will be geared up in Skydive Toronto`s solo student equipment which includes state of the art parachute and safety features, that are employed by only a few parachute centres in the world, and board one of our Cessna 182 aircraft with the instructor.  At an altitude of 4,000 feet, guided by the instructor, you will exit the airplane with the static line automatically deploying your main parachute during a freefall of up to 5 seconds.  You will then steer  your gliding canopy down into our landing field with the assistance of a ground radio instructor who transmits instructions to two radios attached to your harness.

Loved your first solo skydive?  Want to become a certified skydiver?  Check out our Gradual Freefall Progression for more information!