gradual freefall progression (GFP)

Loved your first Jump?  Want to do it again?  Want the freedom to jump whenever you wish? After your first static line jump, complete the Gradual Freefall progression, and become a solo certified skydiver!

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Read below for more information on the GFP program.


The Gradual Freefall Progression, (GFP), is a perfect program for students ready to become solo certified at their own pace. It includes a minimum of 13 jumps complete with use of all equipment and instruction and a logbook. You will learn freefall stability and maneuvers, canopy control, precision and landing.  When paid in full upfront, the student receives a free t-shirt, logbook and one free skydive!

The freefall skills progression starts with static line jumps at 4700 feet ASL, with you learning exit procedures, arching and stability positions. Upon demonstrating stable arches on your exits, you would do training ripcord pulls on two more static line jumps.  Then, your first solo freefall jump (wow!) is performed.  You activate the main parachute on your own after a 7 second freefall.  Congratulations, you did it, all on your own!  Then, another short freefall is completed, a 10 second freefall from a higher altitude.

Next comes two 15 second freefall skydives, in which you transition to a ‘box-man’ freefall position and check your altimeter in freefall.  Your instructor may choose to teach the technique to turn your body in freefall.  A series of 20 and 30 second freefall dives follows in which you have your box-man position and perform several controlled turns in freefall.

Finally, a review jump is done to prepare you for the evaluation skydive, which leads to your solo certification of proficiency.

Along with the freefall skills, you will be learning additional techniques in the other phases of the skydive:

In flight Phase Skills: Boarding the airplane, mental rehearsal of the skydive, spotting the exit point, different stable exit procedures.

Canopy Phase Skills: Identifying a good parachute, canopy controls check, drop zone orientation and wind direction, steering the circuit, landing flare, wind strength and direction checks and specific canopy maneuvers (riser turns, dives and stall and recovery).

Jump Preparation Phase Skills: Goal setting, use of progression charts, rehearsing the skydive, use of different training tools, how to fill out your logbook, consulting aerial photo and upper wind board.

Equipment Phase Skills: Parachute knowledge, selection inspection, gear-up and adjustment, parachute packing.

Below is a diagram outlining the Gradual Freefall Progression (GFP).  The entire course is $1555.75.  You can also purchase the course as you go, the initial ground training and first jump $318.58, then $110.62 for every subsequent jump.

If you have any questions on the progression, please feel free to contact the office at 1 800 668 5867 or  Students currently enrolled in the program are urged to call the dropzone before coming out to confirm weather and service providers.

For a detailed outline of the progression, click here: Gradual Freefall Progression Chart Also, check out some of the training and jumping with the video below!

Wondering what the difference between the GFP and PFF are? Check out this chart for a quick reference!