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Become a Solo Certified Skydiver by making additional jumps. Check out our Solo First Jump as you advance through our Gradual Freefall Progression program (you can jump our first time on your own) or Progressive Free Fall programs (one tandem jump prerequisite)

Please note: Maximum weight 250 lbs,  Adults (18 years old+) only,  40 years old and over require a medical note

Book a Solo First Jump - Gradual Freefall Progression (GFP)
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Book a Solo First Jump – Progressive Freefall (PFF)
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Age: 16-17 – may participate in the Tandem Skydive only with parental/legal guardian presence during the entire ground preparation process, in addition to their written consent. Please note minors will be charged an additional fee of $88.50 plus HST.

18+ – May participate in all programs: the TANDEM SKYDIVE and the SOLO FIRST JUMP COURSE as well as progression jumps in the PROGRESSIVE FREEFALL PROGRAM (PFF) or GRADUAL FREEFALL PROGRESSION (GFP).

40+ – Requires a doctor’s note to participate in the Solo First Jump Course, Gradual Freefall Progression and the Progressive Freefall.  This is a note with your name, the date and a doctor’s signature on a doctor’s letterhead stating you are “fit to skydive.” A valid pilots medical will be acceptable.

70+ -A medical is recommended, but is not mandatory, for anyone 70 and over to complete the Tandem Skydive.

NOTE:  In any event that you have a health condition which may increase your risk in skydiving activities, please consult your doctor. All skydive participants will be asked to sign a medical form stating their health issues, if any.


Students taking the solo first jump course should weigh no more than 250 lbs.

Tandem skydiving has an instructor/student combined weight limit of 450 lbs.  The maximum weight for a tandem student is 290 lbs.  Those over 249 lbs are required to book on the weekend to allow us to match you up with the perfect exit buddy! Please call our office to help arrange your booking.

There are applicable charges for persons wishing to do the Tandem Skydive that weigh more than 249 lbs.


All payments made to Skydive Toronto are non-refundable under any circumstance but are transferable to a new person looking to book.