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The hangar is a clean, well-maintained focal point of our operations. It houses a large, indoor packing area, manifest, and plenty of space for briefing and debriefing. There is a full kitchen for preparing food, a relaxing lounge, and washrooms/showers.

  • Meeting rooms & 
    video debrief stations
  • Aircraft mock-ups
  • Comfortable lounge
  • Clean, indoor


Find out what you need to get skydiving


Upon arrival, please go to the welcome desk or registration to fill out a waiver and to present your documents:

  1. Logbook
  2. Current CSPA licence
  3. Licence or Certificate of Proficiency
  4. Reserve Parachute Card
  5. Reserve must be packed within the past 180 days

International Visitors

  1. Temporary CSPA membership is required. Forms will be provided to you upon arrival ($35.00)
  2. Proof of current membership to a foreign parachuting association


An orientation briefing will be provided for you, which will include:

  1. Aircraft loading, exit, and safety procedures
  2. An aerial photograph with the location of spot, exit point, and circuit pattern
  3. Location of surface wind strength indicator
  4. Landing area
  5. Policies & procedures

Activation Device

All parachutes used for freefall skydives are required to have an AAD on their reserve. These include, but are not limited to:

  • All recreational jumpers
  • All videographers and PFFI skydives


All skydivers, regardless of Certificate of Proficiency or licence, are required to wear appropriate, protective headgear when skydiving.

Currency Requirements

Skydivers who are visiting or are new to Skydive Toronto may be required to do a Survival Skills jump with a coach or an instructor. This includes jumpers with:

  • Solo Certification as their highest licence
  • Less then 25 jumps in the previous 12 months
  • As a follow-up to an AIM
  • Less than 100 skydives

NOTE: Should you need any more clarification of our policies or procedures, please contact Jennifer or Jerod at 1-800-668-5867 or [email protected].


Skydive Toronto hosts the largest aircraft fleet in Ontario, comprising of:     

  • 2 x Cessna Caravans. One is dedicated for fun jumpers on weekends.
  • 3 x Cessna 182. Great for hop ’n‘ pops, canopy piloting loads, and classic accuracy training.

The Caravans are our primary aircraft, enabling us to take 17 people up in the plane at once. With this advantage, we do our best to take up groups on the same airplane.

Skydiving Rigging Services

Rigging Services

We have a rigging loft that is fully equipped and operated by a CSPA Rigger B and FAA Rigger, J-Rodd Cole. If you require rigging services, please call our office at 1-800-668-5867 to arrange dropping off your gear.


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All prices are shown inclusive of taxes and may change at any time without notice

12,250 ft. Jump

$50incl. HST

10,500 ft. Jump

$48incl. HST

4,500 ft. Jump

$38incl. HST


  • 12,250 ft. $35incl. HST

  • 4,500 ft.$27incl. HST

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