Experienced skydiver, welcome to Skydive Toronto!

Documents Requested

Upon arrival, please go to manifest to fill out a waiver form and to present your documents.

  1. Logbook
  2. Current C.S.P.A license
  3. License or Certificate of Proficiency
  4. Reserve Parachute Card
  5. Reserve must be packed within the past 180 days


A visiting skydivers rating (licenses) from another country is acceptable for jumping activities.  However, memberships in a foreign parachute association (USPA, BPA, APF etc) may have to be complemented by a CSPA membership unless proof of valid coverage of $1 million PL/PD liability insurance is given.


An orientation briefing will be provided for you, to assist you in settling into skydiving with us. This will include:

  1. Aircraft loading, exit and safety procedures
  2. View of the aerial photograph with location of spot, exit point and circuit pattern
  3. Location of surface wind strength indicator
  4. Landing area
  5. Policies & Procedures


All skydivers regardless of certificate of proficiency or license are required to wear appropriate, protective headgear, when skydiving.

Automatic Activation Device

Skydivers who jump at STI are required to be equipped with an appropriate and functional Automatic Activation Device capable of activating their reserve parachute in an emergency situation.

All parachutes used for freefall skydives are required to have a reserve parachute AAD. These include, but are not limited to:

  • All recreational jumpers
  • All tandem instructors (AAD on tandem parachutes).
  • All camera/video jumpers
  • All PFF skydives (instructor’s parachutes), regardless of number of jumps.
  • All student skydivers require 2 AAD’s, one on the reserve container, another on the main container.

Novice Skydivers

Novice skydivers who are visiting or are new to Skydive Toronto may be required to do a “Survival Skills Jump” with a coach or an instructor. This includes jumpers with:

  • Less than 100 skydives and
  • Non-current skydivers

NOTE: Should you need any more clarification of our policies or procedures, please contact us at 1-800-668-5867 or info@skydivetoronto.com.