past highlights

Check out what we have done in the past!

Gilda’s Club jumps with Skydive Toronto

Faze Magazine jumps with Skydive Toronto

Skydive Toronto Demos the BIOS Bullet Cam

Open Air jumps at Skydive Toronto 2011

Shania Twain’s new video jumping at Skydive Toronto 2011

Shania Twain at Skydive Toronto Inc 2010

Shania Twain jumps with Skydive Toronto!

Derek Walton Barrie Examiner 2010

Toronto Star with Jayme Poisson 2010

The Pacific Times at Skydive Toronto Inc by Adrien Veczan 2010

Freefall for Lyme Disease 2010

The Canadian Parachute Team trains at Skydive Toronto 2010

The C-208 Caravan joins the Skydive Toronto jump plane fleet. It’s lift capacity is 18 jumpers at one time. 2009

ET Canada is at Skydive Toronto 2008

The Sunshine Girl jumps with Skydive Toronto 2008

Skydive Toronto jumpers set a new Canadian Formation record for jumping from multiple piston -powered single engine aircraft (4 Cessna 182′s flown in formation) 2007

Skydive Toronto skydivers test the Dash-8.  They make the first parachute jumps from a Dash-8 to prove the feasibility of that airplane modified for coastal patrol in Scandinavia. 2006