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Would you like skydiving to be part of your special day?  We can make it happen!  Check out what others have done… our superior skydiving ground facilities; including the large spectator area with numerous picnic tables, a pond and stream, and a kitchen and lounge inside the hangar can serve to make your event an outstanding success.

Proposals & Weddings

We have plenty of experience in coordinating proposals and weddings onsite before or after your skydive! There is a small stream that meanders through our property into our shallow pond that provides excellent photo opportunities.


Tired of hosting a run to raise money for your fundraiser/charity?  Why not organize a group to jump from a plane to raise the funds!  We have plenty of experience in hosting charitable events onsite, and we can help make your event a success!  To see a guideline of what we can offer, click here.


PALS event with Derek Walton



Here is a new technique to accomplish corporate team building… create the bond amongst your members with the challenge and excitement of skydiving! We can provide a room to complete your board meeting, and then it’s time to play in the clouds!  Contact the office for more details.


Is your best friend tying the knot?  A perfect way to celebrate the day and make that one final jump before the world of marriage!


Are you an adventurer looking for more people of your kind?  Do you attend school?  Start an adventure club, and receive special student rates for your members!


Here is a special activity outing for the favourite person(s) in your life. Invite the group; or make it a surprise. Skydive Toronto will help to make this a special day in your lives.


Have another idea?  Contact to make it happen! We welcome group and event organizers and members to visit our facilities to discuss their ideas and needs with Sarah Snider, the Skydive Toronto promotions coordinator.