tandem skydive

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So you want to make your first jump and freefall at speeds up to 120mph?  The Tandem Skydive is an excellent choice!

The Tandem Skydive program at Skydive Toronto Inc. allows you to get the full skydiving experience, all with the assurance of an experienced instructor connected to you.

The program begins with approximately an hour and a half of ground preparation including: a skydive orientation video, registration, then a skydive rehearsal on one of our aircraft  mock ups.  Here your instructor will cover all the proper techniques for exiting the aircraft, flying your body in freefall and controlling the parachute descent.

Next, you will get  geared up in the equipment provided: a special skydive jumpsuit, para helmet and altimeter.  Then board the aircraft with your instructor and climb to a jump altitude of up to 13 000 feet ASL, from where you will launch your skydive!

READY! SET! GO!   Freefall for 30 to 45 seconds at speeds reaching 120 mph! Want to pull the ripcord?  No problem!  Just advise your instructor.    After you or your instructor deploy your main canopy, you will experience a 5 minute panoramic canopy ride down into our landing field. And what a scenic view! All of beautiful Lake Simcoe, the sprawling city of Barrie, the aerial view of Highway 400, and the dramatic skyline of Toronto!

Want to relive your adventure?  Don’t forget to add the video and stills option to your skydive!  They make one awesome profile picture! In addition, you will receive a first jump certificate, perfect for mounting.

Want the Ultimate Tandem Skydive? The same experience Shania Twain had?

The Ultimate Tandem Skydive is a fantastic way to experience the skies!  It includes everything; the basic tandem skydive, the video and stills option, and experienced skydivers falling in formation with you! Watch the amazing display of flying skills!  The Ultimate Rush!

Loved your first tandem jump?  Check out our Solo First Jump Course with its Gradual Freefall Progression (GFP) or Progressive Freefall Program (PFF) for more information!