pricing and reservations

All prices are before taxes.


Tandem Skydive: $299.00

Tandem Skydive with Video AND Stills: $453.00

Tandem Skydive with Handcam (Video AND Stills): $420

Ultimate Tandem Skydive: $560
A really cool new product which includes jumpers in formation with you and the video and stills option. Canadian superstar, Shania Twain did this jump at Skydive Toronto!

*Note:  The following price additions will be applied for:

Those weighing 250lbs or more

250lbs – 274lbs : an additional $53.10 on top of the final price

275lbs – 300lbs : an additional $88.50 on top of the final price

Minors (16-17 years old) : an additional $53.10 on top of the final price


Applicable to Tandem Skydive only.

Outside Video (a personal videographer): a skilled videographer freefalling right in front of you!

Video AND Photos

Handcam Video (recording device attached to instructors arm)

Video AND Photos


Solo First Jump

Solo First Jump Course

Subsequent Jump (4,000ft – 12,500ft)

Solo First Jump Course Refresher
$100.00 off the regular price
* includes ground training and one jump ticket

Special price on pkg of five (5) 4,000′ solo skydives. Solo pkg of 5 jumps (Gradual Freefall Progression): $25 off total price.


Regular Group Rates
(applicable to Tandem Skydive & Solo First Jump Course Prices)

5-9 people :$10 off the total price per person
10-14 people:$20 off the total price per person
15 + people: $30 off the total price per person


Special Discounts

Military personnel and post secondary students (valid military/post secondary student ID card required) $30.00 off of total price.

*NOTE: cannot be combined with other discounts!

All prices are HST extra. All prices are subject to change without notice.


We highly recommend setting up a reservation with us to secure your adventure.  That way we can ensure there is space for you on your desired date and time. Please make a reservation as soon as you have decided on a date. Last minute reservations are also welcome; due to the large size of our facility and team, we can usually accommodate you. Walk-ins will also be welcome as we will do our best to serve you.

Tandem Skydive: Available weekends and holidays in the Spring and Fall  (Cool Season), and everyday after May Victoria Day Weekend”.

Bookings by the hour (your arrival time); we highly recommend the 7:00, 8:00, and 9:00am slots to avoid weather holds.

People weighing 275 to 300 lbs should give prior notice.

Solo First Jump Course: Available on Mondays, Fridays & Saturdays at 10:00am; please arrive earlier for registration. Maximum weight 250 lbs, Adults (18 years old+) only, 40 years old and up require a medical note.


A couple of things to keep in mind:

* Please be prepared to spend much of your reservation date with us.  There can be a variety of factors that can effect and delay your skydive, including weather delays, so we ask you to come prepared should your skydive be delayed due to a hold.

* Please arrive at your scheduled reservation time: that time will be the beginning of your ground preparation, not the time that you will be jumping. This adventure takes 1/2 a day, 5-6 hours long. Please plan accordingly.

* If you are running late or need to delay your reservation, please give us a call.  We do employ a 48 hour cancellation policy.

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OUR REFUND POLICY: All payments made to Skydive Toronto are non-refundable under any circumstance, but are transferable to another person.