parachute equipment

Tandem Skydive Parachute Systems

Skydive Toronto instructors use the Sigma Tandem Parachute System, the best in the world, standing head and shoulders above the rest. Its 370/395 square foot ram air parachutes, built for 2, are the most expensive tandem skydiving parachutes with unique patented safety features. The manufacturers, United Parachute Technologies and Performance Designs, are two of the leading parachute manufacturers in the world.

Every student is equipped with a special skydive jumpsuit, a leather para helmet and an altimeter to maximize his/her skydive participation and experience.

Solo and PFF Skydive Parachute Systems, Unique in Canada

The Skydive Toronto parachute systems for these programs include ram air canopies made of 100 percent zero Porosity for more efficient lift and glide by the leading parachute manufacturer, Aerodyne Research.

Solo main canopy sizes of 320/270/250 square feet allow participants in Skydive Toronto Inc.’s Solo First Jump Course and their progression in the GFP (Gradual Freefall Progression) or PFF program (Progressive Freefall Program) to range up to 250 pounds.

All solo students enjoy additional safety features on their parachute equipment: 2 AAD’s (Automatic Activation Devices) one for each parachute and two radios. In addition a hard shell Protec helmet, a special skydive jumpsuit and altimeter for freefall delays (exceeding 10 seconds) are provided. Your safety is our primary objective.

Parachute Systems for Certified Skydivers

Upon making their 20th jump, certified skydivers/graduates of Skydive Toronto Inc.’s solo programs, GFP (Gradual Freefall Progression) or PFF (Progressive Freefall Program) enjoy our advanced parachute systems which feature the Vigil automatic device, Optimum reserve parachutes, and the Pilot main canopies packed into the latest container systems from Aerodyne Research.

The sleek, fast Pilot main canopies range in sizes of 170-230 square feet to allow our junior certified skydivers a gradual reduction in their canopy sizes.