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November 20, 2011

Hi Everyone at Skydive Toronto, I just wanted to thank you again for an AMAZING experience!  From when we first arrived to after the jump, everything and everyone was great.  I just watched the video for the first time and I still can’t beleive that I actually did it.  The video and all the pictures are unbeleivable, you did a top notch job.  Thanks again and I’LL SEE YOU SOON FOR JUMP # 2!!!!!!!!!!


May 10, 2010

Dear Joe and Claire Chow,

My purpose in writing is to provide you with a thank you note and short moviemaker film.  The tandem skydive experience last August has left the University of Toronto group with one incredibly memorable experience.  We often think about it and remember the thrill vividly.

The Toronto Skydive team was simply amazing, and fun and we wanted to show our appreciation.

Ronda Evans

June 08, 2010

Hi there,
Just wanting to say “THANK YOU” to yourself, Igor, Scott and the staff at Skydive Toronto. Bob Minnery, myself and our kids came and had an amazing day, our jump was more than exciting. I have attached my blog. I have written all about it.

Thanks so much…
Cheers. Be safe and keep your head in the clouds!

July 04, 2010

To everyone at Skydive Toronto,

Thank you very much for the great experience! We finally made it up (and down) today after a few failed attempts due to weather and G-20 issues!
What an awesome experience! We couldn’t have asked for a better day than today.
My three children and I have made a memory that will last a lifetime.
Everyone there was helpful and pleasant. Exceptional! Thanks again!!!

Barry Vesh ( also on behalf of the Vesh kids, Kyle, Hayley and Jordyn )


June 4, 2004

Today is the ten year anniversary of my first jump!  I wanted to thank you all Joe, Claire and Jen for making it possible, for it was this day ten (very quick) years ago that changed my life.  If it were not for your efforts to make jumping possible in the southern Ont. area I don’t know where I’d be today.  Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to find myself and my happiness in the sky.  I wish you all the best in your lives.  Many thanks…  Jay Moledzki…  6000+ jumps and ten years later………  Eternally blue skies.

Jay Moledzki: first jump 1994 in the Solo First Jump course at Skydive Toronto; member Canadian Parachute Team in Canopy Piloting; World Champion 2008, 2009