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Skydive Toronto offers you the best facilities to assist with your skydiving adventure!

Aircraft Fleet
Media Productions
Rigging Services
Stay the Night


Skydive Toronto Inc. currently operates out of a modern 12000 square foot hangar located at the heart of our 133 acre property.  It has been developed into a primary skydiving training center, and includes all the first jump training and progression amenities
including student registration, video orientation and training rooms, aircraft mocks ups to practice the exit of your jump, freefall creeping devices to rehearse you skydive and a classroom complete with debrief stations.  The hangar also features two large parachute packing areas (one reserved for experienced skydivers), a comfortable lounge, a full kitchen for you to prepare your food and clean indoor washrooms.

Outside the hangar, we have a large spectator area with numerous picnic tables to enjoy your lunch or barbeque and to allow your friends and family to watch you touch down in the landing area right in front of them.

Note: for their safety, spectators are expected to stay in the secured roped off areas at all times.



Skydive Toronto Inc. is home to Canada`s biggest fleet of jump planes to ensure that your skydive airlift needs are met.  We currently operate four Cessna 182′s (modified for skydiving) and a “Big Bird”, a turbine powered Cessna Caravan, carrying up to 18 skydivers at a time.  Reaching altitude in 20 minutes, it is efficient and spacious for you and your friends!

Media Production Services

Want to catch your entire adventure on film?  You can, and the media production services operated by skydiver James Fraboni will make it happen!

Following your skydive, James` media production company will make you the star in your very own Skydiving Movie!  Choose your own soundtrack for the following 3 sections of your video:  one while you board the plane, one during freefall (we recommend a high energy track here) and another track during your landing.  We can get anything on iTunes, so be creative! Upload your movie to Facebook and YouTube to share with friends.  Plus you’ll have access to the original raw video and photo files.

Rigging Services – Reliable Rigging

We have all of your rigging needs answered!  The rigging loft, operated by Jim Olds, can inspect any rig and maintain your equipment  keeping it in an airworthy condition.  Contact our office today for your repack and maintenance concerns.




Stay The Night

Stay the night!  Socialize at the campfire! We offer free camping to those who skydive.  There is plenty of space available to you to set up a tent, complete with showers in the morning & accessible toilets.

There is also a KOA Campsite located within a 5 minute drive from our facilities. Hotels are available in Barrie, 15 minutes north of our facilities.