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Skydive Toronto was very honoured to be able to host the 4th leg of the AmeriCup Classic Accuracy Competition. 12 jumpers from all over the world took part in the event.

The heat was intense, and the competition was fierce but a great time was had by all

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July 23 – 24 2018


Its been a busy week for us her at Skydive Toronto. This week we welcomed 5 new PFF students into our system: David Barthau, Jeremy St Pierre, Alex Ferrier, Kayla Westervelt, Brandon Lemesurier.

Welcome back to our PFF students: Father/Son combo of Bill & James Burns.

Congratulations to our Solo First Jump static line student, who made is first jump on Wednesday, Haofei Ma!

Another one of our awesome success stories! Kayla Westervelt who started as as part of our Admin Team last summer, moved to the packing mat where she did a great job at packing for our school and experience jumpers. She’s continued on with us this summer as one of our video editors. Last Wednesday she took our groundschool and made her first skydiver. 2 days later, on Friday, Kayla became solo certified!!!

Jake Lindsay achieved his A-Licence, and Nick Peddie reached the amazing level of C-Licence!! Thank you Alex Connelly for the pictures




Last Thursday we were happy to host iFLY’s team bonding excursion; thank you to Cody Wright for organizing this event. Photos by: Lacey Williams


3rd TGIF ran with great success of 11 caravan loads +++ C-182 loads. We drew the winner of 5 free skydives: yahoo! Amanda Wojtaszek


Due to weather forecast, on Thursday night along with the Vertical North team, we made the decision to cancel our first event of this season with Vertical North. It was rather disappointing, but also the correct decision made. Both Saturday & Sunday saw low clouds on both days. The only load that went up was a hop & pop load from 4500 feet.

Youssef El-Hajjar & Candice Stevenson made great use of their time by hosting a packing course to: Malery Tantone, Jessica Valela, Lucio Da Silva, Berk Delevi, Emre Bakirci, and Andrew. Kudos to both Malery and Emre for doing their ‘mess-test’ and getting their packing endorsement.

Friday evening J-Rodd hosted another successful Emergency Procedures review; attending were Kayla Westervelt, Nick Peddie and Brad Pickett.

Our promotional team had an excellent and exciting weekend at Toronto Pride.




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June 16-17, 2018

16 – 17 JUNE 2018

This weekend has us all feeling like Icarus, getting just a little too much heat. But it’s on the hottest summer days that we can truly appreciate the freedom you get from opening the door at 13000ft and feeling the cool freedom as the sky wraps her arms around you in welcome.

Skydive Toronto

Being able to share that experience with our tandem customers, and new skydivers is an incredibly rewarding experience.

Similarly its exciting to see our regular jumpers grow in the sport. Skills camps are an essential part of that process, and this weekend we were spoiled with 2 skills camps – Sebastien Plourde doing the load organising for Freeflying, and Michelle Gilbert on Belly flying. Thank you both. Your hard work and dedication is invaluable. Of our 6 bell flyers, 5 of them were able to complete the prerequisite jumps for their C COP licence!

Skydive Toronto

Our achievements this season have been incredible:


Jill Haidasz

Mike Wessels

Matt Scmitt

Brandon Goddard



Kevin Goudie



Solo Certified

Jessica Farah

Brad Pickette

Zu Daya

Emre Bakirci

Andrew S

Jumping right from early morning on Saturday, not even the afternoon clouds could chase away our desire for air, and we were right back up again as soon as mother nature gave us her permission.

A special thanks to the amazing team that make this all possible. The dedication of our instructors and camera flyers who take those special memories in their very capable hands. The operations people that keep the planes fueled, the loads manifested and everything and everyone exactly where it needs to be.

As we move into the full swing of summer, we hope to see you all there with us!

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2013 PALS Jump

On August 17th, 2013, Skydive Toronto hosted the 5th annual Jump for PALS (People with ALS).

In 2009, Barrie resident Derek Walton and his wife, Diane, were determined to find an original way to raise awareness and funds for ALS research. After thinking outside the box, Jumping 4 “PALS”. an annual skydiving fundraiser event, was born.

Derek, who was diagnosed with ALS in 2002, participated in the inaugural event by completing a tandem jump and raising pledges. The first Jumping 4 “PALS” event raised an incredible $100,000.

Now entering its fifth year, this exceptional event has raised almost $300,000 to date. Sadly, Derek is no longer able to skydive, but he invites you to take part in this unforgettable event to help raise funds for ALS Canada and The Walton Cure 4 ALS Fund to help find a cure for ALS.

For more information on how to participate in the 2014 6th annual Jump for ALS, please see the following website; or like their Facebook page for regular updates;

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Shania Twain jumping at Skydive Toronto Inc!

People choose to jump with Skydive Toronto for many reasons – for the thrill – for the unmatched excitement – for a once in the life time experience – to change their lives – to go beyond – to rebuild – to draw a line in the sand, turn things around and come charging back at 120 miles per hour!

Shania choose to jump with Skydive Toronto for these reasons!  What a pleasure to have her jump with us!

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Evolution Coming to Organize Loads!

Skydive Toronto and Evolution!

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4 Way, FS, VFS & Freefly Camp!


MARCH 17TH – 20TH, 2011

This is a terrific opportunity for skydivers of all levels and disciplines!!! There is something fun for everyone!!!

Flyers who enjoy 4-way FS; come learn the basics or improve your block techniques with world class athletes, Team Evolution. Freeflyers, from junior to advanced levels, are invited and will be coached by well known VFS/freeflyer Philippe Thibodeau.


For novices, time slots will be available for you on the Saturday and Sunday. Coaching will be provided by PFF & SR Instructor – J-rodd Cole. (Please contact

Requests to be in by March 1st 2011.  Please email to confirm your place.

THIS IS the biggest camp to date that we’ve assisted in organizing. It is sponsored by: CSPA/Sport Canada/Skydive Toronto/Parachute Montreal.

Tunnel Camp

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Oh, baby, it’s a lonnngggggg way down

Last summer, we got the opportunity to take Jayme Poisson, a Toronto Star reporter, on a Tandem Skydive!

Jayme is a prominent STAR reporter who has recently written her observations in North Africa on the Arab Spring Movement.

Check out Jayme’s experience and video!

Toronto Star

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2nd Dubai International Parachuting Championship And Gulf Cup 2011

We would like to congratulate Marc Downing for competing at the 2nd Dubai International Parachuting Championship And Gulf Cup 2011!

Marc is one of our videographers, and has been jumping with Skydive Toronto for over a decade.

Wishing you all the best Marc!

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67 Ways To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions in Toronto

Toronto Life Magazine


Toronto life5Toronto life 3

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