COVID-19 UPDATE: New Procedures for Skydive Toronto (Now Open!)

At Skydive Toronto we take our responsibility to our community very seriously; we have instituted new guidelines for how to do our part to keep our community safe and prevent the further spread of COVID-19.

We have done our best to implement many new practical measures to help prevent the spread in our community while still getting to enjoy this thrill of a lifetime.
  1. We are asking any customers or team members to determine whether they live and/or work in the COVID-19 hotspots and to book for a later date so we can do our part to prevent potential spread.
  2. On arrival, everyone entering the drop zone is required to have a temperature check and fill out our COVID-19 symptom screening form. Please stay home if you are feeling ill.
  3. Due to social distancing requirements, the only people allowed in the hangar are those that will be skydiving and we ask that you limit the number of people accompanying you to watch your skydive to 1 person at this time. Those that are coming to watch are welcome to enjoy the beautiful weather outside in the spectator area while you finish your registration, we have lots of picnic tables set up and you will be able to see all of the skydiving happening throughout the visit! Please remain with your household group while at the picnic tables to allow social distancing.
  4. Masks are mandatory for everyone on-site.
  5. There is a COVID-19 surcharge that all tandem and solo students are required to pay when they sign in and complete their COVID-19 symptom screening at the front entrance. The is $20 and includes a re-useable skydiving buff. You are very welcome to wear a regular mask while on the ground or under your buff, but the buff must be worn in freefall. The masks will not stay on your face to provide additional protection during the high speeds of freefall.
  6. In order to provide more space during your registration, we have set up picnic tables for groups to watch the safety video on a tablet instead of being crammed into a video room together. Please bring your own pair of wired headphones that can be plugged into the tablet.
  7. Clothing: Normally, we would provide jumpsuits to every customer but as we cannot keep them sanitized between each customer, we are asking you to wear relatively close-fitted athletic clothing and running shoes. You might want to bring an extra pair of clothing in case you get dirty during your skydive.
  8. Our canteen will not be open this season. Please keep in mind to bring your own snacks and water for your time at the dropzone.
  9. In addition to more in-depth cleaning at the end of each day, we will be safely sanitizing all equipment and areas throughout the day and in between customers.

Thank you for being patient with us while we all figure out our way through these new processes!

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