June 16-17, 2018

16 – 17 JUNE 2018

This weekend has us all feeling like Icarus, getting just a little too much heat. But it’s on the hottest summer days that we can truly appreciate the freedom you get from opening the door at 13000ft and feeling the cool freedom as the sky wraps her arms around you in welcome.

Skydive Toronto

Being able to share that experience with our tandem customers, and new skydivers is an incredibly rewarding experience.

Similarly its exciting to see our regular jumpers grow in the sport. Skills camps are an essential part of that process, and this weekend we were spoiled with 2 skills camps – Sebastien Plourde doing the load organising for Freeflying, and Michelle Gilbert on Belly flying. Thank you both. Your hard work and dedication is invaluable. Of our 6 bell flyers, 5 of them were able to complete the prerequisite jumps for their C COP licence!

Skydive Toronto

Our achievements this season have been incredible:


Jill Haidasz

Mike Wessels

Matt Scmitt

Brandon Goddard



Kevin Goudie



Solo Certified

Jessica Farah

Brad Pickette

Zu Daya

Emre Bakirci

Andrew S

Jumping right from early morning on Saturday, not even the afternoon clouds could chase away our desire for air, and we were right back up again as soon as mother nature gave us her permission.

A special thanks to the amazing team that make this all possible. The dedication of our instructors and camera flyers who take those special memories in their very capable hands. The operations people that keep the planes fueled, the loads manifested and everything and everyone exactly where it needs to be.

As we move into the full swing of summer, we hope to see you all there with us!

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